This course reviews several options for recording audio and video. Several formats, including mp3, mp4, wav, are available as final recording files. The Recording Studio offers the capability of recording and editing audio, as well as recording and editing of video (camera not provided). This room has a green screen for background removal if ever needed. This recording studio is perfect for podcast and voiceover recording. The software of the recording computer is capable of adding effects and editing out unwanted segments of audio and video.

Zoom is a communication software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, and mobile collaboration. This Zoom course explains how to set up a Zoom account, features and ways to use Zoom, quick video tutorials and how to request training, and how to record a meeting and how to create a tutorial recording using Zoom. Many links are provided in this course to answer any questions you may have.

This where you will find tutorials on the technology in the Simulation Lab. This includes the Sim Lab AXIS Camera Remote Recording Directions.

The interactive touch screen computer operates just like any Windows computer. You may touch and operate with your finger, stylus, or use the portable keyboard and mouse. Digital Whiteboard and overlay annotation modes are available with a variety of pen tool options.

You will find a variety of How-to tutorials for the conference call phone and classroom computers. This tutorial is specific to the Polycom conference phone.

The following are tutorials for recording and uploading video to MediaSpace. Kaltura MediaSpace is a location used to host videos for students, faculty, and staff. Tutorials have been provided on how to create a screen recording, how to create a webcam recording, how to share media, how to use CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder, and any troubleshooting you may come across.

MediaSpace may be found at

This course is designed to provide information regarding the Promethean boards that Regis has invested in. The boards are located in Loyola (LOY) 33 and Peter Claver Hall (PCH) 303. 

Read & Write Gold is a literacy support tool. It is designed to assist students in writing, reading and research when using applications on the computer. Students frequently need extra assistance when reading or composing text in a number of different contexts.

Students may download the software on their personal computers (for PC and for Mac).

The Read & Write Gold software is available through the Help Center in Carroll Hall room 009.  You can stop by with your computer and we can help you with installation.

Please contact the ITS Help Center at 303.458.4050 or email

Read & Write website: